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Objective vs. Subjective Injuries: Examples and Definitions

Injuries caused by the negligent act of someone else can lead to debilitative, lifelong pain. If you or someone you love has been injured by the negligent acts of someone else, contact Morales Injury Law and preserve your right to a full and fair compensation. Objective vs. Subjective Injuries We cannot stress this enough; ALL […]

Accidents Involving Motorcycle vs. Car

Motorcycles and cars share the road every day. Inevitably, accidents involving a motorcycle vs. a car happen. A motorcycle is an open vehicle and motorcyclists are exposed to the elements, as well as a higher risk for injuries or fatality in an accident. If a driver of a car and a motorcyclist are both paying […]

Time is money. When do you hire a lawyer?

The National Law Review posits a question that has crossed everyone’s mind and has a great article on that note. “When should I hire a personal injury attorney?” is a question many people ask. After you have been injured in an accident, such as car crash, bike or motorcycle wreck, slip and fall, or any […]

Car Accidents in Nevada

A refresher on the steps you would take in the event of a car accident. The most important step is to make sure you are safe before you exchange information with the other driver. From Las Vegas to Pyramid Lake, Nevada has no shortage of recreational attractions. Whether you prefer the expanse of the great […]

Things to consider: Insurance Companies

When selecting insurance — whether for your home, auto, or health — you expect that all companies are relatively the same and all you would need to consider are their premiums and different insurance packages. Other than making that sort of research, consider adding Justice.org’s list of The Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America. To […]